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Unit 9: Evaluation (Greg)



Which skills do you think have helped your writing in this unit? Why and how?

One of the skills that helped me the most during unit 9 was script writing, I used this skill to help me write my theatre script. The skill meant that I was able to successfully write a script as it meant I was able to develop my dialogue in which my play relies on along with the use of stage directions. Stage directions meant that my play had more characteristics to it as the actions of the characters gave an idea to the audiences what they were like. Continue reading “Unit 9: Evaluation (Greg)”


Unit 9: Draft Two (Greg)


Draft two


Unit 9: Drafts (Greg)


Theater Script  

(Potential final draft)




Unit 11: Research (Celia)

Before I had decided what I wanted to do for unit 11 I looked at all the different choices and worked out which one I thought worked best for what I wanted. After looking at all of the options, the two which I thought are most useful is the CV and the website/portfolio. I decide that the website is going to allow to have a place where I can promote myself whilst also being able to write articles in an organised way. Continue reading “Unit 11: Research (Celia)”

Unit 10: Evaluation (Celia)

Final Product. 

When I started this project I knew that I needed to research my target audience, the format I’d chosen and the topic. I did so by carrying out a number of different of techniques. Once I carried out all the research I evaluated it.

Research evaluation.

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Pre-production (Unit 9) (Celia)

Before I started the production part of my project I planned what I was going to do and how I was going to do it. This meaning that I created a story board to give me a clear step by step understanding of what I needed to do and how do it. Continue reading “Pre-production (Unit 9) (Celia)”

Unit 9: Research (Greg)

For the unit 9 project we have to complete two pieces that are different formats, the two have to be based on the same theme with the target audience being aged between 16-30 years old.

Before I started creating the final product I carried out research to help me gather an understanding of what I could do, how I could do it, information to include in my product and to get examples of products like my own. I collected a lot of research, however, only a few pieces had input on my work. The types of research ranged from primary to secondary, qualitative and quantitative.

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Unit 10: Illustrator (Celia)


This week we learnt more skills in Illustrator based on how to make a flower. We learnt how to use the rotate tool which helped us to make the petals in a quick way. We started by drawing a circle in the centre of the page and then drew another but in the shape of a petal. After we selected the two and aligned them using the centre tool. Once we did this we selected the petal, clicked on the rotate tool and pressed alt and clicked in the centre, this came up with the box you can see in the photo, we then wrote 360/24 this allowed us to quickly create petals. Once we had done the division we also pressed ctrl d that allowed to copy it the whole way around the circle. Continue reading “Unit 10: Illustrator (Celia)”

Unit 10: Production (Celia)

I’ve completed the first attempt at my video, it does still need to be edited and parts need to add in such as the character I made in Illustrator.


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