Emilia Kettle Journalism

Unit 11: Work Experience and University

The aim of unit 11 was to prepare us and for us to reflect on our future choices. In my case it’s university.

Personal Statement:

For the future part of this project I had to write a personal statement for my application for university. I have applied for 4 university, I sent each of them the following personal statement so they could get an idea of who I am.  Continue reading “Unit 11: Work Experience and University”


Unit 12: Week Two (Greg)

This week I continued my research and I also completed my first draft for my introduction for my research pack.

Introduction Draft:

I completed my first draft of my introduction for my research pack, I did so by following the power point that gave us a guide to what we should write about when it comes to the introduction. Continue reading “Unit 12: Week Two (Greg)”

Unit 11: Evaluation (Celia)



I’ve completed my website for unit 11, I did so by completing the necessary research which helped me get an idea of what I needed to do and also gave me some inspiration to make my website.

Continue reading “Unit 11: Evaluation (Celia)”

Unit 12: Week One (Greg)

This week we began to look at the research element of our final major project (Unit 13). We did so by looking through presentations, creating mind maps, focus group and looking at a variety of secondary evidence.  Continue reading “Unit 12: Week One (Greg)”

Unit 9: Evaluation (Greg)



Which skills do you think have helped your writing in this unit? Why and how?

One of the skills that helped me the most during unit 9 was script writing, I used this skill to help me write my theatre script. The skill meant that I was able to successfully write a script as it meant I was able to develop my dialogue in which my play relies on along with the use of stage directions. Stage directions meant that my play had more characteristics to it as the actions of the characters gave an idea to the audiences what they were like. Continue reading “Unit 9: Evaluation (Greg)”

Unit 9: Draft Two (Greg)


Draft two


Unit 9: Drafts (Greg)


Theater Script  

(Potential final draft)




Unit 11: Research (Celia)

Before I had decided what I wanted to do for unit 11 I looked at all the different choices and worked out which one I thought worked best for what I wanted. After looking at all of the options, the two which I thought are most useful is the CV and the website/portfolio. I decide that the website is going to allow to have a place where I can promote myself whilst also being able to write articles in an organised way. Continue reading “Unit 11: Research (Celia)”

Unit 10: Evaluation (Celia)

Final Product. 

When I started this project I knew that I needed to research my target audience, the format I’d chosen and the topic. I did so by carrying out a number of different of techniques. Once I carried out all the research I evaluated it.

Research evaluation.

Continue reading “Unit 10: Evaluation (Celia)”

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