The film industry focuses on creating motion picture to present in a cinema and in homes. There are many carriers that focus in the film industry, some from the screen writers or cinematography’s to the actors and the directors. The film industry is one of the biggest industry in the world due to how popular it is. A film company responsible for making movies like the Harry Potter is Warner Bros that is making some of the biggest and most loved movies of all time at the moment. 


Radio is an industry that focuses on broadcasting music and news across the world. With such a vast amount of stations it means we can hear anything we want to hear. Some focus on today’s pop culture whilst others centralise around the daily politics and the debate around the topic. The BBC is one of the biggest radio broadcasting stations in Britain, with 10 national stations, they have something for everyone.


Television first started out very basic with its only real purpose to be presenting the daily news. They’re used to be as little as four channels, however now we have a channel for us to watch anything we desire. There are many company’s that specialise in television, one is ‘MTV’. MTV is known for music and youth culture, they have shows like ‘Teen Wolf’ to ‘Geordie shore’, two very different show’s which aim at the same audiences of teenagers.


The music industry is one that changes frequently compared to any other industry. This is due to generations changing and then the taste of music industry. The definition of the music industry would be artist and company’s making songs and albums for the purpose for others to hear them. One company is Virgin Records that have many big artist from the past to now, some under the label include: ‘David Bowie’ and ‘The Rolling Stones’.


The print industry specialises in reproducing an image or text on to another material like paper or glass. Magazines, books and newspapers are all printed through a certain printing company. Printing companies include the ‘Belfast print company’ which prints books and newspapers.

Computer games

The industry of gaming is one heavily based on the use of graphics and story telling. It also focuses on sales and marketing. An example of a gaming company would be ‘SEGA’ responsible for games like ‘Sonic the hedgehog’.

Adverting and marketing

Adverting and marketing are industry’s that are paid by business and other industry’s to promote their new products. An adverting and marketing company includes ‘AMV’.


The newspaper industry resolves around news and new information being spread in an article structure to inform the public of the latest stories in the world. Some newspapers include: ‘the telegraph’ and  ‘daily mail’. The press is the reason the public know about the most latest news around the world with the most information possible for the public.