Descriptive writing:

Descriptive writing is the art of exploring the idea and look of a person, area, event and subject. I put this skill to use by accomplishing the task’s giving to us: ‘why I write’.

This piece was inspired by the great George Orwell original piece with the same name. He’s essay explored many different themes and way as to what makes him want to write, most through his own personal life experiences. My own life experiences are some of the reasons to why i write showing my piece shares with Orwell’s. However unlike my own, Orwell wrote a poem based on what he wrote from the reasons for why he writes. I did not do a poem because the reason I wrote for what inspires me to write did not in fact make me want to create a poem based of my reasons.

Another professional piece that inspired me to write my essay was a page from Jeff Goins . He’s structured helped by create a way I could present mine and also the reasons as to why I did it. Such as the fact that he does to remember or to write to learn. I feel like I was  more related to Goins opinions rather than Orwell’s.

Overall, I enjoyed this task because it allowed me to explore and discover reasons as to why I write. Unlike before I only wrote because I just could but now I have reasons for doing it. Although their are some weak points which I think I could of explained better and used a wider variety of words to make it sound more professional.


Characterisation is when you create a character through a narrative, much like when you write a story and create a character through describing them in a certain expressive  way. I presented the skill of characterisation through creating a character based of a photo and also basing a character of our tutor Greg from the little facts we knew about him.

The two pieces I did to show the use of the skill of characterisation were inspired by the way JK Rowling wrote the characterisation for ‘Albus Dumbledore’ in ‘the philosophers stone’. I loved the way that she’s able to create this perfect image of Dumbledore by using basic descriptive skills. Plus the fact that you can get an instant image from just a small of characterisation gives the reader an idea of how the character is going to be throughout the book.

Overall I thought both pieces of writing I did showed that I’ve learnt the skill of characterisation and that I can put it to use. Also they show that I can be imaginative by taken a picture or a person I know very little about and turning that in to a whole new character. Although their are some areas which I thought could of been stronger, such as maybe widen my choice of vocabulary to make the character seem more alive and realistic.


Interviewing is the technique of asking a p[person a series of question to find out more information about them, its s form of research. I created an example of the skill interviewing by questing my classmate Kerrin.

The interview I wrote took inspiration from an article in the magazine ‘Vogue’ when the interviewed the actress Emma Stone. Vogue’s interviews are written in a way that makes you as a reader feel as if you are there asking the questions and seeing the response. This is because of how the writers are able to set the scene and the feelings that are being shared between the journalist and the person being interviewed, which is clearly shown in the Emma Stone interview. Plus an interview from the online website ‘Collider’ with Dylan O’Brien. This is a more informal interview due to how its primary reason is for the internet but this informality makes it feel as if its aimed towards a younger audiences.

I do  think my interview is not up to the standards to the two professional articles I found however this my be due to my lack of experience in terms of using the skill of interviewing. But I hope that the more I use this skill the better I will get so that I can do it as naturally as the professional cans. If I were to re-write my interview I would make it more relatable and more of an question and answers structure to make it feel more realistic and less of an description.


Research is when you seek to find new information on a certain topic. This can be done by searching the internet, books, public opinions and photos. We did this in class by carry in out a series of debates based of a question in what you preferred. One question was: ‘what’s better a good person or a person that follows the rules?‘, to show we did this I wrote a an article based of the research from the debate.

I found a sample of research from the University of Philippines which shows their research and how they put that to use in their paper. This gave me an idea of how I should lay out my own to make sure the point I want to make is clear and straight to the point but still having enough information so the reader knows the fact as well as the evidence.

Overall I think my essay made it clear that I used the research discovered in the debate and put it to use within my essay. However if I had more public opinions and time to further continue my research I could off continued my essay with a much more deeper meaning and more informative to the reader.


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