Filmmaker, business man and youtuber Casey Neistat is the media personality who inspired me to chose the media for a future career.


Casey Neistat, born in New London Connecticut USA on March 25th 1981. He has 3 siblings and his parents got divorced when he was 15 years old. Casey never enjoyed school anyway but when he’s parents divorced in his freshman year of high school he turned
towards drugs and alcohol. On a Tuesday at 9pm in 1995, Casey ran away from home and lived with two of his friends. 3 months later Casey moved out with his new girlfriend for them to have a son, Owen, just after Casey turned 17. Becoming a father at 17 meant he had to leave high school and start working, he worked in a restaurant washing dishes and lived in a cavern park with he’s new family. 2 years later Casey broke up with his girlfriend and left to live with in New York City.

On June 4th 2001 Casey moved to New York and began working for a local artist being paid $10 an hour making films for the artist. This is how he found he’s love for film making. He had an HBO series with his brother Van called: “the Neistat Brothers” in 2010. A year later he made a YouTube channel called “Casey Neistat” which he makes daily vlogs on and now has over 4 million subscribers. He is now married to Candice Neistat and has a two year old daughter named Francis. Casey also owns a social media company called “beme” which is hugely popular.

My Career Plan

  1. Pass college
  2. Go to University and further study media
  3. Get a Internship with a newspaper/ magazines or news broadcaster
  4. See were the internship takes me