National and international publishing houses:

A publishing house prints books, magazines, newspaper, leaflets and any written piece or art. National publishing house would be a company that is from Britain and tend to print only British books, such as Harper Collins UK which is based in Britain. A international publishing house is Penguin Random House which is a wide world based company and is also one of the biggest book publishing company’s in the world. Penguin makes more money because it is international so it can then have wider range to sell to, unlike a national house which would have less of an income because its focused in one nation rather than the entire world. One job includes editorial assistant, this is when you are a assistant to the editor, so you double check that everything is perfect.

Independent local and regional publishers:

Independent publishers is company’s  that don’t tend to punishes huge books but ones done by  local writers.  A regional publisher would be ‘Salt’ which is small independent publishers but have had many successful books, some even long-listed for a Booker prize award.  A job in an independent publishing could be the copy editor which specialize in checking all grammar and spelling mistakes that could be in the work.

Statutory and Voluntary organizations:

Statutory  make sure the law is enforced and that the area they are focused is safe. A job in this organisation includes Police force or any type of local authority. Whereas a voluntary organisation are not paid for their work and do it for their community, such as the St John Ambulance. Statutory also tend to be Government run unlike Voluntary which is privately run.


The research department in the Print and Journalism industry focuses on finding as much information as possible on the topic they are focused on. So if the topic was on a business then the research department would have to investigate the company to find information that may of  not be found for the journalist to then write about. A job would be an assistant research so they help the head research in to find information which means going out and interviewing.


A Journalist writes articles on events that have happen to inform the public. Journalism is a multi media job that can focus on radio, newspapers and TV. They also find the information by interviewing and finding secondary evidence. A job in journalism could be a investigative journalist who investigate it to yet published news.


The editorial department is responsible for making sure the contents of their publications is well written and structured. They over see the layout, appearances and re-write were needed. A job in the editing department is a proof reader whom read all the contents a numerous amount of times to make sure that every part of the written contents is perfect.


The design department create a product or a look of a product by using ideas and then developing  them into the final product. There are many different departments in design: game design, graphic design and web design along with others.  A Graphic design job includes developing an idea of what you want and being good at promoting yourself.


The photography department are massively visual and focuses on capturing a moment by taken a series of photos of a certain event. A job in this department included photojournalist whom go all around the world to take photos for a media department, they tend to be freelance.


The production department specialise in making an idea be as perfect as it could possible be through a series of means needed. Such as a play may have a production manger who is responsible for making sure that all of the needed materials are there to make the play as good as it could possible be.


Pre-press make sure everything is prefect both it is released to the press, so they makes sure the camera is in the perfect position and that the page layout is correct.

Printing and Print Finishing:

The printing department print the final product which can be a book to an advert. Print finishing is what happens to the print once its been printed, for example where the product goes.


The publishing department chose whether the product is good enough to be released, from books to TV nearly all media has publishing. A job in publishing includes assistant manger, who are second in command in to what happens and how.


In the media industry sales focus on advertising the product (show, newspaper and more). They do this by promoting it were possible from social media to a piece of paper. A sales executive may organise an event to promote the product and job is to make the product be seen.

Marketing and distribution: 

The marketing department think of ways of how they can get the product to be seen and then brought. The distribution team make sure that the marketing gets everywhere so its wanted and so they can make a profit.