• What is your opinion on how people with learning disabilities are treated in the workplace?
  • What Do you feel could be  changed to help people with learning disabilities  be made in  the workplace and what ?


Greg, 47, Essex’s 

“They are treated are lot better than they used to be, because there’s lots of regulations and policy’s put in place to ensure that their safety and well-being and their adaptability to the environment is better. Genuinely it’s a lot better than it was, but we should always be looking to improve it.”

Nicola, 22, Canterbury

“There may still be a stigma around it, I just think it comes down to a decent human being”

Holly 19, Canterbury

“It depends where, because it some places they are treated as a normal worker and then you can get other places that take advantage of their disability’s”

 Anna, 50, London

“I think that people with learning disabilities are treated a lot better now than in the past, they were treated quite badly. The respect for them has increased a lot and they defiantly deserve to be treated to the same policy as everyone else”

“Maybe there should be policy’s put in place were people with disabilities are accepted more.”


We created effective questions based on one topic that we chose. I discrimination toward learning disabilities in the work place. Once we wrote these questions we went out to ask the public their opinion on the topic to eventually write our transcripts with.

To the majority of the people I asked they gave answers which were helpful to what I needed. However some of the answers were vague and I wasn’t able to ask both of my questions to everyone I talked to, meaning it was a bit more difficult.

If I were to do it again I would have made sure to ask everyone both questions to get a full amount of research to write a vox pop after it. Plus I would of made my question less similar to create a wider amount of opinions.

Pros and Cons of Voxs Pops


  • Can get a personal response from the public
  • Wider opinion
  •  Can get honest opinions (not edited)


  • Unofficial source as is opinion based.
  • Information could be biased due to opinions