Word Choice

In our third week we learnt the use of word choice in a more in-depth way. Word choice is when you select your words careful so the text is related to the audience and topic and also is so the words are specific to the tone on the context’s written. I put this to use by re-writing cliché sayings. 

“As deaf as a post”            “As hearing impaired as 200-year-old being”

“Once Upon a time”         “In a time and a place”

You can see that I re-wrote the cliché by changing the words, however my choice of words  still relates to the meaning of the original cliché.  By using the word choice to re-write the cliche you are still able to understand what it means yet with a bit more humor to it.

We also created a web design for a page based of a page on the internet that we thought needed improvement. My  web-design is based of a photography news website called “Amateur photographer” which had a very basic and boring design to it making the entire outlook  seem dull and not very artistic. Overall I think my web design stood out and can capture the attention of someone with it still being straight forward. However, if I had finished this piece I would have added an article to it to make the use of word choice more important  than the look of the page.

Tone, Style and Voice

Style is the way how a piece is written rather than the meaning of the piece. Tone is how word choice makes the entire piece feel. Voice is the form of how a narrative tells the story. We used this skill by writing a copy write piece about this course.

Why media is the course for you.

Media is all around us, from Facebook to reading the daily newspaper, media is everywhere. We learn such a vast amount of information through the media. From film to Journalism we have it all.

At Canterbury College the course Print and Journalism is offered to any buzzing multi media enthusiast that want to learn more about the topic. The 2 year course teaches you the tools and trade of the media industry, with the chance to understand research and how to write the perfect article. You will learn all the skills needed in the media industry for your future. Not only will you learn the skills but you will also make new friends and expand your social circles.

As a Student in the Print and Journalism course, I’ve never felt more welcomed into an environment and a course. You are giving a lot of freedom and independence but this comes with trust that you will complete the work.

This piece was inspired by a copy write piece from a travel site, this is because I like how its straight to the point but also makes you want to do it. Which is what I hope I have portrayed in my piece by making people want to choose media. I also liked their structure of how its separated in to the facts of the course and a personal experience. However I do think my piece could have told the reader more about my experience and the course itself.

Effective Questioning

Effective Questioning is creating a question that are provocative and create a wide range of opinions based on one topic. We put this to use by creating Vox Pops. The vox pops allowed us to go in to the public to ask them a series of question about discrimination to write an article including the opinions.

  • What is your opinion on how people with learning disabilities are treated in the workplace?
  • What Do you feel could be  changed to help people with learning disabilities  be made in  the workplace and what ?

 Anna, 50, London

“I think that people with learning disabilities are treated a lot better now than in the past, they were treated quite badly. The respect for them has increased a lot and they defiantly deserve to be treated to the same policy as everyone else”

“Maybe there should be policy’s put in place were people with disabilities are accepted more.”

This is a piece of the transcription we got from asking the public their answer to our questions. You can see that the questions are specific to a topic but also are open so you can get answers that have a wide range of opinions. The Mail Online shows the use of effective questioning and vox pops which helped me understand what it was I needed to do and how to, with the questions still being provocative enough to get a varied amount of opinions.

Attention grabbing headline

Attention grabbing headline is when the headline makes the reader want to read the article because the heading makes them curios which is done by using puns are sentences that make the reader wonder what the article is about.

My own example is also from when we wrote our copy write pieces:

Emilia  Kettle- No One else compares.

You can see that it promotes me and also makes the reader want to read it because they  might wonder how and why no one can compare. If I were to improve it, I would have chosen a differenthed-2 topic so a wider range of headlines could have been used and also maybe a pun.

This is a professional example which confuses the reader yet also intrigues them because of the confusing from the written headline. The want to read it is due to the play on words and the mysterious behind the story.

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