Qualitative research is when you use an open question based on one topic and ask a variety of people their opinions on the topic. The research found can be shown in a Vox Pop and can be found by creating a survey and finding peoples opinions.


  • Can be analysed in detail
  • Less expensive
  • An emotional response
  • Has reason for answers


  • Takes more time
  • Cannot generalize answers
  • Difficult when questions are on a sensitive subject
  • Flexibility is needed for an accurate result


Taking more time when using a qualitative research means that you are under more pressure to get the work done in time and also to make sure that its all correct. Which means you are potentially losing money and maybe your job.



Quantitative research is a closed question and so can be shown in a less detailed way, such as a pie chart as its more about numbers than reasons.


  • Reliable source
  • Bigger amount of answers
  • Focused on the topic
  • Can be analysed quicker
  • Clear


  • Can cost
  • Maybe biased (as no reasons are giving for answer)
  • Not detailed (reader gets no understanding of why someone may think that, no opinions shown)
  • No emotion (having emotion in an answer makes a reader understand more, whereas this is just facts)

If a piece can be analysed quicker it means the reader and writer are able to understand what the majority’s answer to question was and so they are getting a fact and an answer at the same time.