Time is a world-famous magazine that was first published on March 3rd 19o-baltimore-57023. It focuses on all things topical and modern, from entertainment to world
politics, Time has it all. The two young journalist Henry R. Luce and Briton Hadden founded it when they believed there was not a magazine about the latest current affairs and more. Time wants to educate, entertain and of course sell. However it does a lot more than just inform, it allows the reader to understand fully and yet still take in the information. 

Times magazine is very visual with some pages focuses just on being a speared of  photos or one big photo with only a few paragraphs. It’s a highly photographic magazine that has a modern feel to it through its written style but a classic, clean cover and design meaning it reaches all audiences. You can even see that the front cover has a black and white photo creating a classic look even through the photo is modern, but that’s what they want you to timerevista2think for this certain magazine. The design of the magazine inside is also very straight forward with nothing else on the page to take you away from the focus of an article. A common design for the magazine is a simply portrait of a person, that tends to be in black and white, with a big title and a column as the start-up for the article.


The company is heavily funded through advertising in the magazines, however most is self funded through the huge amount it sells. Times is owned by Times Inc, who also publishes the magazine, however it has a history of change owners over the price and the trading market. Its available on social media, the internet and as an  app. Having other platforms means it reaches out to a wider audience and so they can create a bigger profit.

The internet has helped Times magazine in a vast way, allowing it to have a web page means that more people can see it and they can focus more topics. Plus they can create more visual pieces by creating videos and a wider range of photographs can hire more people. Also having apps means that Time has digital version of their magazine so its more international and so has a greater profit. Times is linked with another company  being Fortune magazine who are similar to  Times but are aimed towards a younger audiences. Times original mission statement was  that “no magazine had yet adapted to the needs of the ever-busier reader who wished to stay informed”, this is still the same statement they have now.


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