The course has already taught me a lot of skills from copy writing to story writing. We do not only focus on journalism meaning we can explore all other aspects of writing and so have a wider amount of knowledge when it comes to ways we can write. A strength of myself is my attendance and my ability to understand the use of the blogs and the tasks we are given. 


The course could allow as to have more practice over a few topics so we can have a greater understanding of how and ways we can do the certain way of writing. My personal weaknesses would include repeating a lot of words rather than finding more interesting choice of words. Also some of my written pieces are quit vague so I would like to write a more in-depth version of them.


Through this course we have to take place in work experiences, meaning we can get an idea of what the media world is like and what we have to do to get in it. I’m going to gain  this work experiences by contacting company’s that offer work experiences for what I want to do, Time’s Inc offer work experiences for all of their magazines.

Threats and solution’s:

Threats for myself could include travel to college during the winter, if the trains are delayed or worst cancelled than I may have to miss college affecting my attendances. However if this does happen then it would mean I could complete the task’s at home.