Target audience is who you aim a certain product to, such as a phone company may want their product for a younger generation and so in their adverts they would use music they would know and make their adverts catch their eyes by using things the younger generation might know.

My questionnaire was published on my twitter meaning that the majority of my audiences was the younger generation, due to the increasing use of social media. However because my questionnaire answers were anonymous it meant that I have little knowledge to whom actually answered the questions.

The questions I wrote had a mixture of personal and facts, meaning that some can be related to but some are just seeing if people know a fact or not. I did this because I wanted my target audience to be people who do not know much about learning disability in terms of fact however do know  someone who experiences it. By using the younger generation it tends to mean they have a more personal and more thought out answer to the question, so my results are less biased in terms of already having their minds set on answer.