The questions in my survey varied upon whether they wanted to know how much you know about the topic, to whether a situation was right or wrong. By doing it this way I hoped to get a response that had a wider amount of views. Such as not just being 100% yes but the answers showing a difference in opinions in a much broader way. My questions were effective in this way however they could have been more effective in some areas, as some are 100% for a certain answer.

Most of my questions I thought were effective enough and expressed what I wanted to hear, but some could have been explained more because they jump in with not much background information. So if I had given more background then I might have got answers from a wider view prospective. Such as I wrote a question based on the article I found and if I had explained that more than I think I would have got a wider range of answers.

If I were to re-write the questions then I would have written more to get a bigger idea of what people think and also made sure that none of the questions had similarities. Making sure that none of the questions had similarities would have meant that the answers I revived would have had more variety.  Plus my target audiences would have been wider so the opinions could have been split through the different in ages and therefore life experiences.