hero-coverThis is my own creation of based of a Hero magazine. You can see that it is very minimal with only the title a small idea of what is in the magazine and a black and white cover. I chose Hero because I like how it gives you little information and so then makes me want to buy it to find out what else is in the magazine.

I created this cover by first finding the photo for the front the cover and then placing it on the international paper size on Photoshop. However I did edit this photo in Pic-monkey to make it black and white and add a grain filter to it. Once I placed the image, I created the title by first writing the word ‘Hero’ and then making it bold like the original to then find the closet front to the original. Next I needed a headline and so I wrote a short sentences similar to the original however I was not able to make it squished so I made it  clearer by making it longer, but I did keep the front size of his name bigger.  For the final touch I placed the bar-code to give it the professional look needed to look like the original version.


You can see that the original cover is a simple close up portrait with little editing, just a black and white filter along with a film grain over the top to make it have a harder and more classic look to it. The magazine title is bolder in the original version meaning it stands out more against the dark photo. The  headline is harder to read in this because it has been squished and so is all close together.

The fact the cover of this magazine is just one main picture with very little written on it means that you know who the main focuses is. Due to this it makes the entire magazine seem much more visual which it is.



This is another cover I did using Photoshop but this time it’s based of the vogue cover and not one specific cover. I used the black and white classic look because I wanted it to look rather vintage but bold. I made it bold by using the red writing across the cover against the dark photo. Like Vogue does I made the model the centre piece and surrounded it with small amount of description about certain things in the magazine.