Emilia Kettle Journalism

Evaluate: Explain with examples (Skills development) (Alma)


We first had to find a portrait image to then place on the international size paper on Photoshop CS6. However because the photos used had backgrounds and the only part we wanted was the portrait we had to get rid of the everything apart from the portrait chosen.

To do this we used the magnetic tool and then went around all the white areas of the image. We erased all the white areas after selecting them by selecting refine edges above the portrait to the remove the background.

Once we had taken the original background away we replaced it with another background we found on the internet. Keeping with the black and white theme I used a flower background. We placed the new background by saving the image and then moving the portrait image above the background so that the portrait was above the background.

However you can see that I did two versions because I wanted to show the overlayed version of the image, which I did by placing the background in front of the portrait but rather than it being on the ‘normal’ setting I used the ‘overlay’ setting so the background would not overtake the image but would embed with the portrait.