Emilia Kettle Journalism

Demonstrate Adobe Photoshop Skills (Alma)


To show that we could use certain skills on Photoshop, we had to re-create a movie poster. I chose the cult classic ‘The Lost Boys’ as I thought it would be interesting to see the poster in a new way because the original is so simple. Taken a different perspective at the poster I wanted to keep it minimalistic but also retro.

The first step I did in creating this poster was to make the background red to keep the similar look of the original poster. But to differ I made it darker to add to the whole tone of the poster and to make it relate to the darkness of the movie. 

Next I found a picture of a roller coaster skyline to place at the base of the poster. You can see that the original photo has a sunset background which I had to erase. I did this by using the magic eraser tool which gets ride of all of the coloured areas meaning the black outline of the coaster is still there. Meaning the end result was just the blacked out roller coaster at the base of the poster.

After making the roller coaster the focus point for the base of the photo, I wanted a scene from the movie to be the focus at the top. I chose the scene were they are hanging from the bridge because its seen as an iconic scene and makes someone who has not seen it curious as to what is happening in the scene. You can see that the original photo has a long black background meaning I first had to crop the photo so the focus was just the boys. After cropping the image I placed it on to my poster, to then have to erase all of the black area in the photo apart from the areas in the bridge. I did this by using the magnetic lasso, magic erase and the normal erase. This is because going around the legs was difficult to do using the magnetic lasso and so I change the size of the normal eraser to get a more specific depth of the photo. Once fully erasing all the black parts I did not want, I made the colour of the boys stronger so they would stand out using the sharpen tool.

The next step was to use a text that would fit the theme and still be similar to the original posters front. I included the dot and structure of the original title the same because its one of the iconic parts about the entire film. The font I chose was the closet I was able to get to the original, to make it even closer I made it sharp and stronger so it could get the similar aspects. Adding the black outline to the font was able to add to the dark effect even more and helped it stand out against the red background.

Finally, I wanted a small border to add more effect to the poster and so found a red background with a black frame to use as the boarder. To make it the boarder, I used overlay allowing the two parts to merge together yet not so one over powers the other. I made it overlay by changing the setting from ‘normal’ to ‘overlay’ allowing the act to happen.

Overall I really liked how the poster came out, it has all of the aspects I wanted it to and also shows my skills on Photoshop. I wanted to make it retro but at the same time classic, and I feel like I was able to get this idea through in my poster.   Writing the tagline along with the pictures used really does give a strong idea of the theme and tone of the movie but still leaves that sense of mystery as to what the movie is really about.

If I were to improve it or try it again, I would have made the erasing cleaner especially the parts around the boys to give it the poster a slightly more professional look to it. Plus I would of made the names of the actors at the top whiter so they would stand out more against the red background.