The charity Porchlight commissioned us to write a poem to create awareness for the young homeless. After the writing the poem we had to use Photoshop and create a page the poem could go on that links to the poem itself.

The first I knew I wanted my page to have been a street of some sort. So I find a picture high-st-1_1-bgof a street online, but to make it fit the dark side of the poem I edited it to have a vintage black border and then made it black and white, but fading the effect so it only has a dark look rather than no colour. I edited the photo on pic monkey. Once doing this I placed the photo on to the international sized paper.

Next I wanted a snow feature as I talk about the cold winters in my poem and so wanted to corporate that in my page. To do this I found a snowy background to place on my page. With my street picture already in place I overlaid the snow so that they would faded into each other. This overlaying meant the street now looked as if it was snowing.

The next step taking was to find a silhouette of someone who could make a connection to a homeless person or feeling lonely. I find the photo online and then placed it on my snowy street background. After doing this I erased all the background around the silhouettehomeless-silhouette so the girl was the main subject. I did this by using the magic eraser and the normal eraser. Once doing this I placed the image in the corner so that it wasn’t the main subject but could still be seen.

homeless-poemThe final step was to write the poem on to the page, once doing that I made it white adding a black border to stand out against the dark background. Giving the writing a gravel effect so that it would look somewhat 3D.

Overall I think the page has some aspects of my poem on it which helps the reader get a big idea of what the entire poem is about.

The next task was to create a poster to promote the charity. I wanted to make mine dark but still have a bit of light init to represent the charity itself.

The first step to do create this poster was to find a background I could place on the paper. The background I used was black and white and had street lights in the back that let the light I wanted to shine through.

lee-jeffries-1Next I wanted a picture of a young homeless person, I found this photo and I thought it was perfect to you with my dark and minimal look. With this photo being of an actual homeless girl it really fits well with my theme and poster. I wanted it to stand out against the dark background and so I place a white border around it by blending and the using to create the strong white boarder against the dark background.

I needed the logo of the charity to be on the poster and so I found the logo and then placed it on the poster, I also blended it so that was still strong but not to strong. We also needed a tagline to go with the posporchlight-posterter, I created my own and then wrote it beneath the logo. I used the text to do this and then blended it, also giving gradient to look strong and still soft.

The final product came out as I wanted to, with the light in the right place along with photo being in the centre meaning its the first thing you see when you look at the poster. I really like the overall poster, however if I were to do it again I would have made it brighter and add more colour to the end result.



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