What is your chosen area and why?

I have chosen Canterbury as my area for the walk. This is because it has a lot of historical background from different ages meaning I can do the stories for the walk on a bigger scale. It will start at the Castle, to Dane John, the Cathedral, Marlowe Theater, The Great Stour,  and the Westgate Towers.

What theme are you using?

The theme I will be using is history. More specifically the history of the buildings and places I have chosen. I’ve done a lot of research on the landmarks meaning the history should be correct and help me create stories using the history.

What is your style of writing?

The style of writing I will be using is crime. Each landmark would have been the place where a crime took place and each be resolved. I chose to do crime because I like knowing what happens and with crime you are the one that decides what happens.

What are the aims and objectives of your map?

I’m creating my map to educate people of some of the historical each landmark has along with Canterbury. My map is also going to entertain by creating a bigger sense of mystery around Canterbury by writing all of the different crime stories.

Who is your target audience?

My chosen target audience is young adults, more specifically 13-16 onwards this being because younger people like crime like this because it’s not too serious and the story isn’t very hard to understand.

What is the overall style of your piece?

The overall style is light-hearted but with a serious tone to it so that the crime story aspect is still there. The light hearted means it appeals more to young adults rather than to serious and becoming boring for them.

Describe what you want to include in your map and why?

I want each landmark to have a different colour so you can tell they are different. A key will be in corner saying the length and mileage. When you click on a landmark the story will pop up and will include my own photos and drawings. The photos will be things to do with the story, the drawings being of the landmarks.