During week two of the second project we learnt about audio and how it changes with different genres, also what type of affect it can have on the listener. Plus we also answered questions based on were we are going to take our project and the reasons for our decisions.


On Monday we had a lecture about audio and how and why different types of genres vary in terms of audio. Such as horror has a darker and more tense tone to the audio so it can affect the reader in different ways. Also sound effects can be of great when trying to create a scene’s atmosphere, such as if it were scfi, sound effects like robots or spaceships could be used to make the reader immediately understand that its scfi and what’s happening in the scene.

We put this to used by listening to different sound effects without knowing what they were meaning that we could write sentences based on the sound we think it is. For example:

The man dropped down dead, the black as death crow stood on his chimney realising a deathly scream that erupted through the dim sky. (A crow)

The dead man mounded as he dragged his decaying body along the path, his green rotten skin began to peel. (A Zombie)

Jumping out from behind the door screaming, the unsuspecting victim realised a pathetic scream. (A Scream)

You can see that I used the sound effects to write the sentences because with sound effects like a  zombie means I was able to create vivid idea of what I could write. I may of not been able to get all of the sound effects correct but I was still able to use the effects to write effective sentences.

Script Writing

During this week we also learnt how to write scripts and the effectiveness of dialogue can have on a story and audio. We listened to some stories which were made into audio meaning that we could get the full effect of them. One we listened to was the audio of “War of the Worlds” by H.G Wells.

This is the first version of ‘War of the Worlds’ being read, it was read as if it was a live broadcast on the radio. Doing the audio in the style of a radio meant the book became realistic and at the time could have probably made many believed that such an attack was really happening.

Once we had heard a few clips of this audio, we had to write our own scripts based on an object or a word we had to choose from. I chose ‘the truth’. This made me come up with an idea of two people having the option to find out the truth, think of it as a horror and ‘only one can survive’ situation.

The Truth

person 1: I need to know the truth.

person 2: Not as much as I do! I’ve waited long enough I deserve it so much more than you ever have!

person 1: Bull! We’ve both waited and we both want it… and we both know that I will use it for good. Unlike you who would just sell it to some low life magazine because you just want the money!

person 2: Don’t you dare try to say that I only want it for the money! We both need the money but no matter what the truth is I will not sell it!

person 1: I’m… just go, you be the one who finds it out.

person 2: I can’t. I shouldn’t. We both deserve to know the truth.

person 1: What if we just break the stupid rules and both go in?

person 2: They might kill both of us. But one of us could do it and tell the other.

person 1: No, they would know. They know everything.

person 2: But we could try. Besides once we know, they can’t stop us. We have something against them.

person 1: Fine. You go and when you come out, we never ever come back to this hell hole.

person 2: Deal, see you on the flip side.

You can see that the two are arguing over who needs it and wants it more. I think I was able to get my concept of only one being allowed to know across with them both wanting the same thing but only one can have it. When I wrote this script I had an idea of what the entire plot of the story would be and what the world would be like. When it came to writing it I tried to put that across, but with not being able to use description it meant it was harder for me to get my idea across to other reading it.


Also this week I wrote my first story for my chosen walk. Its based around the Marlowe Theatre and murders that take place during the Theatre’s famous pantomimes.

The photos show my story, at the moments it is still draft and you can see that I’ve proofread it making sure on what I need to change and add. Such as the investigation itself was to simple so I’m going to use a red herring meaning there is more of surprise at the end result.


We also had to answer questions this week based on how and why we were going to certain aspects of our project. These questions meant that we could get a better idea of what direction I’m going to take and the ways in which I’m going to do them.


  • Wells, H. (1898). The war of the worlds. 1st ed. Raleigh, N.C.: Alex Catalogue.