What is Prevent?

Prevent is the idea of stopping something before it can happen. This can be done by aiming the ideology towards schools, college’s and other areas of education, along with the authority working together to prevent.

How do people become radicalised?

People can become radicalised through feeling like an outcast from society or angry at such. With them feeling this way they want to get back at the world and then join such groups or beliefs. Plus the extremist groups tend to aim towards more naive, or at least educated, because they have less of an understand or are unaware of such beliefs.

What are the signs that someone is becoming radicalised?

Signs could include them talking about their beliefs a lot and making their opinions stand out and be strong against others beliefs.

Who can help if you think someone is being radicalised?

The police or other authority could help by making others aware and stopping that person before anything can happen. Schools could help them along with the people whom care for them the most to make it clear that there are other options.

How can you, as a creative make a difference to help the prevent strategy?

I myself can prevent such a thing from happening by writing and making other’s aware that there’s more to the world and society than what they can see. Such as rather than promoting fear in journalism I can make it aware that you don’t need to scared of what you don’t know.