During this week I finished my first story along with writing the second first draft. Plus we also had a presentation about interviewing and the correct ways to do so.

Recording of first story.

Once I had finalised my first story I recorder the speaking of it using different people for different vocals. Also recording the sound effects necessary for my story.  The sound effects I recorded including screaming , running and a clock ticking. Using the different vocals meant that its clear to the listener as to what is going on and which character is talking.  I recorded character vocal separate from the rest of the story meaning that I can edit it to make it all work in the end.

Before I edit the audio, I’m going to listen to other stories that have been read which also have sound effects meaning that I could an idea of what I want the end result of my audio to be.

This is the audio for Sherlock Holmes, A Study in Scarlett. I chose this because it’s crime and follows the same structure as my own story does. Plus each character has a different voice to who is speaking. With it also being one of the most iconic crime story of all time, it means I can trust the way its spoken and the entire story.

Second Story

I finished writing the first draft of the second story. This one taking place at the Westgate Towers in which a hanging takes place. I have not yet recorded it, but when I do I’m going to use different vocals, as I did for the first, meaning I hope to get the same effect as the recording of my first story.


We also learnt about interviewing and the skills needed to do so, we watched a video that helped us understand some of the key aspects needed for the best interview, as well as a power point which further helped our understanding.

Once we had done this we then tried the new learnt skills out for ourselves. Doing this by writing our own questions to ask someone else, but the questions had to be neutral and based on their life or the project we are doing now. One question I asked was “when and where you born?” opening with a personal question so that was personal but not too personal meaning that I could a good get start to my interview.


Hi Hannah, this is an interview based on you lifestyle and some of you hopes and aspirations in life. This will help me understand more about you. Is that okay?

Yes, that’s fine.

Great, where and when were you born?

I was born in Canterbury on the 12th October 1999.

Okay, so what do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy riding my horse, Roxy, listening to music, walking my dog, buddy and I enjoy shopping when ever I can.

Do you have a favriout singer or band?

One direction, I love Louis and Justin Bieber.

Okay, so with the walk project where are you basing it and what genre or type of stories are you going to be doing?

My walk takes place in Challock and each story is going to be part of the fairy tale genre.

Nice, did you look at any fairy tales to write your own?

I watched a lot of films like Ella Enchanted, Pirates of the Caribbean and Disney films like Cinderella. Also I read Rapunzel some of the Grim Brothers story’s and I have this Disney Story collection book  which had loads of different fairy tales in it.

Do you have any aspirations in life?

I hope to one day write fashion pieces and travel, I really want to go to LA one day. Plus I hope to have children.

Is there a certain magazine that you want to work for?

Maybe Vogue, but I’m not sure, if not Glamour would be cool.

Okay, thank you.

You can see that I  started it off with a small summary of what the interview was about and the reason for why I was doing it. Each questioned asked was neutral meaning that they weren’t biased and that they could be open so I could get a more in depth answer ands so can learn more about her. I would have gone deeper into some of her responses so that I could have got a more emotive response from her.

When doing this interview I looked at other interviews to see if they also share the similarities in which I hoped mine had.

One interview I looked at was an interview between the actress Emma Stone and a reporter from ABC news. In this interview you can see that the reporter opens with a little introduction and a summary of what is going to be happening. Also her attitude towards Emma Stone at the begin shows that the interview is going to fun but formal. You can tell that the reporter has prepared for the interview by her confidence in asking the questions. With more practise I can become more confident in my interviewing skills.


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