Were you satisfied with the answers you got?

The answers I received were quit vague meaning that I was unable to get a lot of information out of the person I was interviewing. Every answer was very short ans straight forward meaning that I couldn’t get really in-depth on all the answers giving and I wasn’t able to get an emotive response because of the vagueness of the answers.

Did you stick to your approach?

I think I stuck to my plan as much as possible, asking the questions I wrote and more some to get a more in-depth and emotive response. But I stuck to how I was going to start of the interview by giving a summary of what it’s going to be about. Plus i was able yo get the information I had planned on getting by asking her question that relate to the topic I was trying to learn about her.

When you asked the questions, were you easy to understand?

I think I was easy to understand, I asked the question’s in the most simple way I could have done to make the person I was interviewing know what the question was. I didn’t mumble, I didn’t speak quietly but I also didn’t shout. When the person I interviewing I got their attention back by just going more in-depth with the questions being asked.

Did your body language (including eye contact) make the your interviewees want to talk? How did you go about this?

My body language was professional, ,meaning that I didn’t slump in my chair or put my legs on the table. I think my eye contact was good, I tried to keep eye contact with every time she answered a question but not too much so that it was intimidating. I did such by making the entire interview comfortable. From the way I started the entire interview to the way I asked the questions I wanted the interview’s atmosphere comfortable meaning I could get more honest answers.

Conduct and professionalism did you know what you were talking about? Did you act professionally?

I think I did act professional but at points I had to break it to make the person I was interview stay focused on the topic at hand. As the interview was based on her lifestyle and her future hopes I tried to know as much as possible before hand, but with interviews being a research devices it meant that I would learn most from the answers giving.

Did you come across any particular difficulties?

The only issue was the fact that the person I chose to interview did not seem very much in to answers the questions, giving very vague answers meaning I would have to ask to deeper into rather simple and basic questions. But otherwise it went smoothly.

What will you do differently next time?

Next time I’m going to make it seem more natural, meaning that I wouldn’t be looking down at the questions every time I were to ask one. Plus I would do more research before hand so that when I do the introduction it will seem like I already quite a bit about them and so they know that the interview’s ¬†primarily purpose is for research.