Map moodboard

The mood board I created is based around the genre crime because my stories are all part of the genre crime. Each of the photos show the places in which the stories are going to be based. I edited them to give them a pale look which I hope gives it a classic look as the crime genre is classic. The typography is the smooth for the story bulk but the titles will have a bold version of the same text. The colours I want to use  are shown across the top of my mood board, they are all dark because of the dark atmosphere the crime genres show’s. I also made two patterns which I want to reflect the ideas I have for my story.

Overall I think my mood board reflects what I wanted it to do so. It shows all of the aspects I want to use in my map and the design overall. I think I made it look as smart and neat as I wanted it to be.

I also created a map, the map is off the area I’ve chosen, the blue line highlights the walk and the photos show each location I have chosen to base my stories. Staring at the Canterbury Castle ending at the Westgate Towers.