This week I completed 3 story’s, one draft and the others being the final product. Also I planned my next 3 stories, along with created a mood board to show what I want my book to look like. Plus we learnt how to use In-design. 


I completed my first story ‘Pantomime Murders’ and ‘Hanging at the West gate Towers’ along with doing my first draft for ‘The Poisoned River’.

The Stories

You can see that each has is based in Canterbury and specific landmarks to go with it. I’ve only audio recorded one that being the ‘Pantomime murders’. I have started editing it but have not yet finished it.

Before I wrote these stories I researched about each place looking online and from the selection of books in the library. One being ‘Canterbury, A Pictorial History’ and the other being ‘A Canterbury Girl’ each of these books gave me information on the West gate towers and the Marlowe. Doing this research meant I was able to get an understanding of what type of story I could do in that landmark, giving me the inspirations for my stories.

Plus I planned my final 3 story’s, they are based in the Cathedral, the Castle and the Dane John Gardens each is the place a crime took place. I will have completed writing these story’s by the end of next week.

Mood Board:

We also created a mood board to show what we want our final book to look like or the aspects used in it.


You can see that it has all the aspects I want my book to have, including colours, typography and the photos however the photos on the mood board are not mine but I will be taking my own next week. When I created it I looked at templates and other mood boards:


This is a mood board I looked at, it shows all the colours, patterns and ideas which is why I used it to base my own mood board off. As you can see from my own I kept the idea of boarders around the photos and matched the colours I want to use in my book to the whole colour scheme of the board.

Along with the mood board I made a map that has the photos of each place I’m going to base a story.


You can see that each place has a picture of the landmark to show what I want my final map to look like. However the photos are going to my own and I plan on trying to trace the map to give it a more artistic and original feel.


We had a lesson this week on how to use In-design so when we make our final book we can design it on the software. Overall the software seems simple enough to use and I have an idea of what I want my book to like in the final result.