This week we focused on completing our stories so that after the break we would have first drafts of every story. We also did more audio recording and editing, plus writing a list asking for actors to do some characters in the audio versions. 


I finished writing all my stories in week six and over the break so I now have my first drafts of every story.


You can see that every story has dialogue  and is set in the present tense with some also having past tense scenes to give more of a history to the story. I kept two characters in every story as a link and because in the crime genre you tend to have a main team to work out the investigation and so I kept the detective and forensic scientist the same throughout every story.


We also did some more audio editing like looking for sound effects online to download so we can add them to our audio. Adding the sound effects will mean that the story is more interesting and creates an atmosphere more specific to our stories.

Also we wrote a list asking students from the drama department to do the dialogue of some of the characters to give our finished audio a more professional standard to the end result.