This week we began to edit the first drafts of our stories, after completing them all over the break. Plus I edited photos so that they would be ready to use in the design of our books. Also we had another lesson on In-design so we can begin making our books. 


Now that I’ve completed writing all of my six stories I’ve began editing them so that there is no mistakes and so they are at the best standards. I began by reading through all my stories, along with asking others so I could have another person opinion to see what needs to be improved


I found that most of what could be improved is the use of words and syntax. Such as I used some words in the wrong context meaning that the story was not going in the direction I wouldn’t it go in, so I edited this to be the way I wanted it to be. I also changed some of my endings so that the story was not as predictably as it had been before changing the ending.

Now that I have my second drafts of all my stories, which may be the final drafts, I’m going to ask others to read my stories to see if any other improvements need to be made.


I also edited some of the photos I took of the landmarks from my story’s. I edited them to make them more specific to the stories. Such as with the hanging man at Westgate Towers I made it look as if a man had been hung from the towers. Editing this photo along with others meant that I could have them ready for the book we are creating in In-design.


We had another lesson on how to use In-design, learning some tricks on the software that will make it easier and quicker for us to use. Such as creating a shortcut on the keyboard for a certain font, meaning we can highlight a piece of text and then use our chosen shortcut so it will change that text to the font we made.

Plus we started to create our books, I’ve started the design for the font cover along with completing the context page of my book.