Week 3

Week 4:


This is a monochromatic colour scheme, I’ve used colours which goes with the theme and genre of my book. At the bottom you can change the shade of all the colours to what you want it to be meaning that you can have the colours you want.


This shows the use of complementary colours, meaning that the colours opposite on the colours well are chosen as they work together. Such as the red works with the green because they are opposite sides of the colour wheel.


I used the analogous in this colour scheme meaning that you can have more freedom as to what colour scheme you want. But the colours work together because they are all opposites and all based around different areas of the colour wheel. Being based on different areas of the colour wheel means that there is a high contrast of colours.


I uploaded a photo on to the colour scheme sight which allowed the site to find the colours in this specific photo. You can see that the colours are dark colours to bright shades.


I did this again but used a photo with brighter and a bigger range of colours so you can see the range of hue throughout the photo’s. The setting of mood was on colourful so it would focus on finding the brighter colours of the photo.