With this we first made a frame using the rectangle tool and then we drew using the pen tool in the rectangle so that it’s obvious that there’s change. We then proceed to use the history tool so we can see what we’ve done and the side of the screen and if we were to click on one of the steps it would take us back to that step.


I then  selected inverse which created a moving border around the edge of the photos. Once I did this I pressed delete which got rid of all the photo apart from the selected part.


We then did feathering by going up to select and modify to then feather and typed in the number we wanted it to be (I did 90). Once we clicked OK we pressed delete which created a white faded border around the photo.


To do this we went to filter, blur and then Gaussian blur so that we can change the amount of blur on the photo. To then select the history brush so we can make one part of the photo the main focus as it wont be a blur.


I used the clone tool for this meaning that I was able to make a number of eyes appear on the cats face. We did this by pressing alt and clicking to make a target as to what is going to be cloned.


To do this we used the spot healing tool which meant we could get rid of certain aspects, you can see that erased the eyes using this tool.

We then changed the colour of the photos by going to filter, adjustments and then down to black and white. For the second we used the same tab but chose photo colour which gave us the option to change the photo to any colour we wanted.