This week I focused on the use of Photoshop and In-design so I could edit my photos that I will use in my book so that they are more specific to the genre and stories. I used In-design so I could begin to design my final book.


This week I began designing my book on the software In-design after being taught the main skills of the program. So far I’ve placed two stories on to the book, along with the photos that go with them.


You can see that I’m going to place a photo of the landmark before each story. The photo on this page is not the final product, I’m going to edit all the photos on Photoshop so they will be more related to the genre of crime and the dark aspects of crime. Plus the page’s are no longer going to be red, instead only some page will be red so they have more of an effect to the reader when they see the pages.


I also focused on the use of Photoshop this week, with editing most of my photos so that they relate more to more stories to what they did prior to editing. p5-e1488461071521.png

This photo is going to be used for the contents page, covering both pages. It’s the view of Canterbury from the top of the memorial in Dane John Gardens. I chose to use it because you can see the Cathedral, Marlowe and the gardens meaning it shows most of the landmarks I’m using. I edited it so that the house on the landmarks are in focus because I wanted them to be the main focus of the entire photo.


This week we also learnt the main skills of proofreading along with how to use a software that does it for us. You can see the evaluation in a previous blog post I did.