This week I focused on my audio and In-design. Plus we spent one day at the University of Kent learning about radio in the media.


This week I continued doing my in-design making sure that I had inserted all of my stories on to their pages along with the photos I edited on Photoshop that go with them.


You can see that I have placed a photo of the landmark before every story so that the reader can get an understanding of the atmosphere along with getting an idea of how I was inspired to write my story. I also have started doing my contents page with placing one image across both of the pages so, you can also see that I’m using the same filter on every photo so that they can all give the same idea to the reader.

Next week I hope to complete my map and front cover.


This week we were also able to use the actors from the acting department to do some voices for my characters. I was able to find two actors that did the two main parts of my entire. I am planning on editing this audio at the beginning of next week.

I know that I’m going to use some sound effects throughout the audio to give the story a more serious and professional tone to it. I am also going to be recording the narrative parts at home to bring in on Monday.

University of Kent:

On Tuesday we went to the uni of Kent for the day to learn about radio and media as a whole. There were different talks throughout the day such as: presenting and media law along with other subjects.

But the main part of the day was creating a 2 minute feature for the radio. We were giving a title and we could do whatever we wanted with it. We came up with the idea of bad dates, as we had the title ‘head over heels’. We created an ideal script and then went to the recording studio to recorded it. Once we did so we edited the audio including beds (background music) and other aspects to give our feature a more professional standard.

Overall I really enjoyed the day I learnt a lot of new skill and a lot more about the world of radio as a whole. It also made me think about what direction I could in two years time.