This week I completed my book on In-Design, I am now focusing on the audio aspects of the project as I have now recorded all of my narration and have all the dialogue. By the end of the next week I hope to have finished all aspects of this project including the evaluation.   


For the first part if this week I focused on completing my book, all I had to do was finishes my map, complete the front and back cover along with filling in some blank pages. When I did my map I simply created it on Google Maps but then drew each of the landmarks I wrote about on Photoshop to give the map a more creative and fun side. For the front cover  I wanted it to reflect some of the aspects in my stories, such as I use the same detective throughout the book and so I used a silhouette of a detective on the front cover along with a dead person silhouette. The front cover was quite dark, with the focus colours being red and black, when I did my mood-board these were the main colours so I kept to my original idea. Plus when it came to typography I looked at some ‘Pulp Fiction’ covers to get an idea of what typical crime stories font would be.   it27sacrime1951

You can see that the font is big and clear and can easily be seen against the colours used. After researching ‘pulp fiction’ books I choose a font similar to most of the books. Plus I also added blood dripping from the last word which gave the font cover a more serious and even horror tone to it.

When I did the back cover I used a photo of the Cathedral as it is the most popular attraction in Canterbury so I thought it would be good use on the back cover.





Monday afternoon I recorded all of my narration for every story which meant I could start editing each story. So far I’m half way through completing editing on my first story. I’m using the software Audacity because I find it easier to use and is quicker.

When I recorded my audio I made sure to take my time and speak clearly along with leaving gaps to place the vocals of the characters. When I listened back to my audio I had done what I set out to do with only some minor issue but they can be easily edited out.

With the amount of time we have left I’m making sure that I’m completing everything to the highest possible standard before the end of next week. It will mean that I have a lot to focus on in terms of audio but I should hopefully be able to complete it all.

Next Week:

Next Week I will have completed all of my audio and evaluation on the entire project. In my evaluation I will talk about the issue I had and how I overcome them, along with what my final thoughts are on how it all turned out.