This week we were introduced to the Final Major Project. We were given a brief as to what the criteria was and the main factors that we need to complete. Plus we looked at past students work to gather some ideas as to what we could to do. Along with creating a presentation based on answers to certain questions.


At the start of the week we were shown a presentation about the FMP so we could get an idea of what it really was. Overall we learnt that it’s the project that really matters as a whole and that we could choose whatever medium of media we like as the FMP is a very interdependent project.

Also we were shown the main criteria of the FMP from UCAL, we learnt that to get the highest grade we need to complete all the work which included’s the proposal, research, production/ post production and evaluation. Plus if we keep organised and up to date and recording are progress would give us a better chance.

Introduction to the FMP presentation:

Along with the brief we created a presentation which answered the question in a presentation shown to us.

FMP week 1a (Presentation shown to us with the questions)


FMP about me 1 (My presentation)

You can see that I’ve answered all of the questions asked and have made it more creative by including some photos which relate to some of my answers. All of the answers are honest, with the mind map being very honest but I chose not to really talk about some of the aspects I’ve said as they aren’t specific to this project. You can see that I’ve talked about all of strengths and weaknesses and even explained some of them, showing that I want to develop my skills for both. Plus I begin to talk about what I’m going to do for my FMP and some of the research I’m going to carry out over the Easter break.

Also over the break I’m going to complete my proposal.


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