During the week I have planned and completed my proposal and pitch, which I also presented this week.

My proposal explained what my concept is, target audience, my aims and how I will complete my aims and how I will evaluate my work during the project. I found writing the proposal helped me gather some more ideas about what I could do for my main article and how I could design my overall look, along with parts that weren’t necessary or didn’t relate to my project, that I decided I could cut.When it came to editing my proposal I asked my focus group for their opinions which helped me improved and add some parts to my proposal.

Final major project (Presentation)

Presentation1 (Video Presentation)

Proposal Pitch  (Proposal) (Click on edit to see the full proposal)

You can see that I included what my internal idea is and how I plan to complete my aims, my target audience and how I plan to make my magazine appeal to the target audience, medium, genre, form, research, synopsis, treatment, evaluation.

Overall I thought the presentation went well and I was able to express my main idea and all the other aspects that go along with the pitch. Plus I received feedback that gave me an idea of what I could improve about my proposal and pitch which I then used.