This week I created my schedule, research plan and began pre-production for my FMP.

Schedule for FMP

You can see that in my schedule I explained what I plan to do each day, the blog post for the week and whether I’ve completed the work that I had planned to do. I plan to stick to this schedule as it will help my keep to my time management and so will allow me to get all of my work done in time of the deadline.

Also I completed my research plan which shows what research I have and what I plan to do. This should allow me to make sure that I gather all the necessary research for my FMP, Throughout the project the research on my plan will change depending on what I need for that section and whether it was useful or not. At the end of the project when I begin to evaluate my project I will also evaluate the research that had the most effect on my work.

I have also began pre-production for my project. With focusing on doing more in-depth research for not just writing my main article but also the design, writing styles and opinions. In terms of design I mean what colours, fronts and layouts appeal to my target audience and I will do this by looking at a wide range of young adults magazines of all genres. For my writing style I have been researching journalist pieces based around topics I will discuss in my main article, so far I’ve looked at magazines such as ‘Politics Review’ and the newspaper ‘The Guardian’ both focus on the same genres however they do not share the style of writing. Research for my main article will mostly be primary as I will be carrying out vox pops, surveys and interviews, however I will also do some secondary gather some facts for the article.