My biggest influences in terms of design is the magazine ‘Dazed & Confused’. With the way that its able to capture the edgy style that many young adults feel or want, but also still have the serious and unique tone to the design really influenced and gave me ideas of what I could do. 


The title of Dazed & Confused gave me inspiration for how I could do my own title for my front cover. With the way it has the bold statement that can grab the attention of young adults and how the use of sans-serif gives it that statement look. Plus the title also reflects what the message and feel the magazine is trying to get across in the articles.



Another design inspiration from the magazine Dazed & Confused is the introduction page for the main feature. You can see that has a powerful and proactive photo across one main page. Plus the title of the article takes up most of the second page, with the writing of the title being in dark and vibrant colours against a white backgrounds it really makes it stand out. Also some of the smaller details in terms of how they’ve also used the main colours of the feature in the text by using the red at the start of the text.


This layout is also from the magazine Dazed & Confused, what I really like about this design is how the use white space allows there to have areas for quotes and photos, whilst also creating a modern and clean look that should appeal to my target audience. Plus the layout of the photos allow there to be more photos in the amount of space given, whilst also keeping the design idea of white space.


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