During the fourth week of our fmp I began pre-production which included completing all of my research, beginning a basic design of my final product. Plus I created a plan for my article.

For my pre-production I decided to create a presentation as it would allow me to show what I’ve done, how I did it and the evaluation for each piece. I focused on 7 main topics when it came to my pre-production, those are: Magazine title, front cover, layout, visual, article plan and research. Before I discussed each piece in the presentation I researched each topic so I could then have a better idea of what I could do with each piece to make sure that it will really grab the attention of my target audience.


Overall I was able to complete my pre-production and evaluate each piece by creating the presentation. However since doing the presentation I’ve built on the ideas I made as I feel that the changes made help the parts relate more to my project, such as I’ve changed my idea for the front cover, with the ballot paper now being on fire it creates a more proactive tone to the magazine.