This week I began to create my magazine on InDesign, along with taking the needed photos and completing interviews for my article.

For the design I did more research and looked at the magazine ‘Dazed & Confused’ as it had a unique design style to it and was still able to appeal to their target audience. I discussed this in another blog post: Blog Post. This means that since creating my pre-production presentation I built on the ideas I had as I think that this chosen design will appeal to more my target audience better whilst still having the design ideas that political magazines use.

Plus I also carried out some interviews this week that I plan to use in my article. I created a list of questions based on the secondary researched I had carried out the week before.


Overall the interviews went well I got a variety of different answers, meaning that I also have more opinions that I can discuss in my article. Plus I was also able to gather opinions whilst using facts about the topics in the questions allowing me to show that I’ve carried research prior to asking questions.