This week I completed my first draft of my article which I then revived feedback on. Plus I’ve also began creating my magazine on the software InDesign.

I completed my first draft of the article this week: Article  (However this is not the first draft as I had already made a number of changes to it before creating this blog post and you may have to click edit to see it.)

The aspects I changed about the article was areas such as: over wording, making sure the quotes were focused and overall grammar/ spelling. What I mean by over wording is making sure that my article stays focused on the subject matter and if I were to use to many words that did relate to the topic then the real meaning would get lost within the text. This is the same with the quotes, when I listened back to the recordings I found that odd areas like “I think” weren’t necessary and began to make the meaning become lost and so I edited them to make sure they were focused.

Overall, the first draft went well I was able to learn what I need to do to make the article seem more relevant and focused on the topic areas, along with what areas I should cut down on. Changing  these aspects should make my article come across as an article from a best-selling newspaper.

Also this week I began creating my magazine, I did so on the software program InDesign after having a discussing with a tutor about some ideas I could use in my final product design. fggovfvfvfvfvfvf

So far I’ve completed 3 out of 6 of the pages that will feature my main article, the front cover is yet to be completed but I plan on doing so in the upcoming week. The idea for the front cover is a ballot sheet going into a box but in a way that it looks like it doesn’t matter. For the layout I’ve kept the idea of having white space and graphics that make it look modern whilst also given out information that means I don’t have to repeat myself. You can see that my colour scheme is 3 simple block colours of red, black and white, I chose these colours as they are stand out and with my biggest inspiration in terms of design being the magazine ‘Dazed and Confused’ I wanted to make sure that you could see my influences but not to the point were the two magazines look the same.

I really like the way my design has evolved from my original idea and is now more unique whilst also being modern and edgy. I plan on completing my magazine by next week.