This week I completed my project, I was able to finish the design of my magazine and make it into an online interactive version, plus I finished my article.


After completing my 2nd draft of my main article I received feedback to help me gather a different idea of what other people thought of my article. This meaning I revived feedback on  what they thought I needed to improve or what they thought I should add to the article.

Final Article

Overall, I like the article and how I was able to get the point I wanted to make across through the article. I do think that if I had more time I would have been able to make it the best standard possible and give it a better angle or at make it less informative and more about trying to make it clear that young adults don’t have as much of a say as they should have in the media.


I was able to complete the final design for my magazine this week, including the front cover, main feature and the final flip interactive version.



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You can see that I decided to use 3 main block colours of black, white and red as I felt that the three were all bold and that the contrast they each made to each other went really well. Along with the fact that many big magazines like ‘Time’ and my biggest design inspiration ‘Dazed & Confused” all use only a few colours that makes a statement whilst also fitting to the angle the magazine has. Plus I used the idea of white space in my design so that it never looked to cramped whilst also having a modern feel to it. I also included some info-graphics which meant I didn’t have to keep repeating  myself throughout my article, in terms of facts. The idea for my front cover kept changing throughout the project, at first it was going to be a photo of young adults, to then be a ballot paper screwed up or on fire however in the end, keeping with the idea of a ballot sheet I choose  to write “Not Important” across it giving it the same effect but on less of a scale.

Overall I think that the final design of my magazine came out really well, especially with the choice of colours and areas of where the text is. The only aspect I would maybe change is the front cover, only as I would have preferred it to have been my own photo but with the amount of time I had I was unable to do so.