This week we looked at Theatre, but more specifically playwriting. We did so by looking at the method of writing a play, looking at some professional plays, some of the aspects of the method and then we wrote two plays of our own.


We learnt how to write a play by simply following 3 steps.

  1. What is the Characters need
  2. What Obstacle are there
  3. Is the characters need Satisfied or Denied

Following these steps helped us in understanding how to write a play and to also understand some of the aspects a play needs or could have. Such as for a play to be interesting it needs to have some sort of conflict, this conflict could be from two men fighting over a woman, self-conflict or even war, t can be done in many ways. We also looked at subtext and how it can be used in a play.  We were tasked to write a scene that included subtext, however, I found it difficult to write it as a scene meaning that I was unable to write a scene. But I did do further research to understand the use of subtext in hopes that I can use it in the future, I looked at the scene from the Woody Allen movie ‘Annie Hall’:

Watching this scene allowed me to understand how I can do it when it comes to script writing. This being because Allen did it in a way that made it humorous and easy for the audience to understand what was going on in the scene and more about the characters. If I were to use subtext I would attempt to do so in a similar way to Allen as he made it simple but at the same time in a very smart way.


Once we had learnt of the aspects of writing a play, we wrote two of our own. However, I decided to do some further research to get ideas from some plays. I mainly focused on the play: ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’, this being because it’s a play I’ve read many times and so I understood it and I understand  the techniques used. Such as when ever the setting changes a new scene is made, meaning that if it’s at a bar and changes to them being at home, it’s a new scene. Plus the stage directions are in brackets, this meaning the emotions or the way the character is suppose to act during their speech.

Once doing some further research we were tasked to write are own plays when given  two names , a setting and an object at random pick out of a hat. This lead me to write this play:

Theatre Script

You can see that I only wrote an opening to a play as I wanted it to become something bigger, the overall concept of the play is that its about a couple that meet (The act I wrote) and they eventually get together and it follows them throughout their time together and what they go through, this meaning that cast would change as the couple grow older. The hardest part about writing this play was using the object and the setting in one place whilst also remembering to use some sort of conflict, this being because I had a bar stool at a canal. I came up with the idea that the two meet at the canal after seeing each other in a bar, the stool is in the canal and the two discuss how it could have possibly gotten there. Doing this meant I was able to include a conflict about how the stool ended up in the canal. Overall I was able to include some of the aspects that we learnt during the week such as: the use of conflict, character development and the use of stage directions. However if it were a full length play then I would had used more techniques, but because its just an opening to a full play I could only use a limited amount. If there was a chance to finish this play then I would, or even make it into a story rather than a play.

We also had to write a play based on the title ‘the writing is on the wall’:

The Writing is on the Wall 2

Overall I think this piece went well, I was able to write a short play that included all of the aspects I needed in order to make a good story that included aspects like conflict and development of the characters.  You can see that it has a mysterious tone to it that gives the play a horror and investigative atmosphere tone to the play. I didn’t really know how to end the play because I had an idea that one of them eventually kills the other but I wasn’t sure how I could write it without it coming across as out of place. Knowing this I decided to end it at a cliffhanger, doing this meant it leaves for the audience guessing whilst also being able to make their own decisions on who it is. But I do think that if I were to go back and improve on this piece then I would have made the ending different but I would of also made the play longer, so I could write a more complex story.


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