This week we had to research four different designers that have influenced my own designs. The main designers I focused on, where all based around the use of stop motion. This lead me to look at creates like Tim Burton, Aardman along with more independent designers.

Tim Burton

Tim Burton’s movies differ from most children movies not just because they are dark but also because of the type of animation used. He uses clay stop motion, which means it’s easier to move the puppets and so easier to make the film. What I like about this use of stop motion is because you wouldn’t be able to tell it was stop motion because it all ties up so well and so becomes more like a cartoon then a stop motion.

I have your heart.

This stop motion only uses paper and so relates to more what I want to do. However unlike this I will not use a song as the base of the video because I’m not telling a story. But I can see how I could after watching this video. I really like how this stop motion used colours to show what was more significant, such as the red objects differed from the rest of the black and white and so it means its clear to the reader what is important. I might try and do something like this with my own project.

Wallace and Gromit

This is a clip from Wallace and Gromit one of the most popular stop motion animation created by Aardman. It is all clay stop motion, like Tim Burton’s, however this one is more child like in the way that the colours are brighter and the voices have a more light hearted tone than Burton’s. What I like about Wallace and Gromit is how it isn’t done in a way that makes you forget that its stop motion, unlike Burton’s that seems can make you forget it’s stop motion because its all in perfect time and so can seem more like a cartoon.

Dr Oetker:

The last designer I looked at was not for their use of stop motion but more for their use of filming style and the relation it has to my project. This meaning in the video they bake a cake with the camera looking straight down on to the making of said cake, and I like the way they have used the angle as it gives the viewer a much simpler idea of how to do it. However if I were to do this using stop motion I don’t know if I would make a real cake, maybe try and use paper or clay to make it more stop motion like.