Today we learnt how to use Adobe Illustrator.


We first made shapes and learnt some of the basic skills, such as filling in the shapes with certain colours, copying the shapes and the use of lens flare. We draw the shapes by selecting which ever shape we wanted and then dragged it across the screen to make a shape. We then could copy by holding down alt and then clicking. Will filled the shapes with colours by choosing the colours out of the swatches pallet.


We also learnt the variety of colours and patterns we can use when it comes to filling in shapes, we did so by looking at the swatches library this allowed us to find a vast amount of options we could use to fill in our shape.

df.png We then learnt how to create a shape after placing other shapes together, we did so by making a basic design of a bear, it started off just being two smaller circles on top of the bigger one but we then went to path finder under window that allowed us to merge all the shapes into one.


We then made this drawing of the moon and stars, we did so by first drawing a circle and then cutting a section out of it by selecting the second option in from the pathfinder. This meant that we could create a moon after drawing a circle, we then chose what colours we wanted that would make the scene look the best and also the most professional.


After that we began to use the white mouse over the black mouse, this meant we could change the entire design of the shape by clicking on the anchors and then dragging them in whatever direction we wanted. Such as with this star I pulled the anchor towards the center that then made the star look completely different.


After learning all of these skills we were tasked to create our own illustration, I made a rabbit. I did so by using all the skills and more by also drawing the whiskers and eyebrows on. I do like how it came out it made it seem more animated and gave it some characteristics.

I do think I will use the skills learnt today to help me in this project and for the rest of the projects to come as it should make the products more interesting. Also this skills we learnt today will help me having a wider amount of media knowledge for the future.