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Unit 13: Updated Portfolio. (Greg)

Updated Portfolio


Unit 13: Updated Portfolio (Greg)


Unit 13: Final Protfolio and Product



Unit 13: Week Five (Greg)

This week I edited my radio feature.


After I had recorded the entire show last week, this week  I edited it all. I already had a plan of what quotes I was going to use and what backing music, as well as where the backing music would change. With the plan already made during the script writing process it meant that I  was able to edit the entire show in a day.  Continue reading “Unit 13: Week Five (Greg)”

Unit 13: Week Four (Greg)

During this week I completed writing my script and recorded the show. Plus I also collected all of the sound effects and quotes needed for when it comes to editing, which I plan on doing all of next week.  Continue reading “Unit 13: Week Four (Greg)”

Unit 13: Week 3 (Greg)

This week I presented my pitch, continued writing my script, began working in the studio and also editing the work recorded.


Pitch Video

Power Point 

The pitch went well I think I was able to discuss all of the aspects I wanted to. Plus I also received feedback that will help with my project. Continue reading “Unit 13: Week 3 (Greg)”

Unit 13: Week Two (Greg)

During the second week of unit 13 I continued writing in my portfolio and began writing my first draft for my radio script. Continue reading “Unit 13: Week Two (Greg)”

Unit 13: Week One (Greg)

For the first week of unit 13 I completed my proposal and began to work on my project portfolio.

When I wrote the proposal I used what is shown in the project portfolio so I could see what I needed to write a good proposal. Plus I also looked at the proposal I  wrote last year to see the structure and how I could improve on this years one. The portfolio told me what I needed to state what the concept of the project is, why it is important, how it will relate to my target audience and how I plan on evaluating.


You can see that I discussed all of the main aspects and have explored the reasons behind them, doing so will mean that when it comes to pitching my project I can go more in-depth so a bigger image of what my final product will be  created. Also, by doing the proposal I was able to get more ideas for my project in terms of evaluation as I now plan on also getting feedback from a focus group to see what a wider audience thinks about my project.

I also began working on the portfolio, so far I have completed the schedule, introduction  and the background of my project.


This project is a report of my final major project (FMP) for second year UAL Extended Diploma in Print and Journalism. The project is a radio feature based on the question ‘how will we get our news in 10 years’ time?’ The first chapter of the portfolio shows the background of the starting of the FMP, beginning with writing about myself, what I’ve learned on the course and my inspirations. This is followed by explaining what my project is about and why it is important.



  • What is it that makes me do my project?

I wanted to do the project I’ve chosen because it focuses on the changing industry of media, and as I one day want to have a carrier in the media industry doing this project allows me to get a more in-depth idea of the industry and what effects the changes has on how media is consumed. Plus the project included radio, which is a medium that I have never explored so by choosing radio I will be able to gather more skills. More so as it is something that I have never tried, I will be challenging myself whilst learning new skills.

  • My personal experiences that influence my choices (idea for the project, my role in the project, how it relates to my future career)

I have always listened to radio and have been interested by all of the aspects attached to radio. With this being known, I was influenced by my interest in radio to use it as my chosen medium.

  • What is the basic premise of my project?

The premise of my project is to create a radio feature based on the question ‘how will we be getting our news in 10 years’ time?’ The show will be styled so it attracts the target audience with the use of sound effects and being informal whilst be professional. An element of the feature will included opinions from the public, while another shows evidence from my secondary evidence.

  • What do I seek to achieve and how it relates to my target audience?

I hope to achieve a radio feature that is at the same standard as those you might hear on ‘Newsbeat’. Plus I want to have learnt more skills that will benefit my future and will give me more ideas for what I could do in the future. I plan on it relating to the target audience by making sure that the style is correct and because the opinions I’ll be using are from those aged in the target audience.

Next week I plan on continuing with the portfolio and begin the pre- production for unit 13.

Unit 13: Proposal Draft (Greg)

Proposal Draft

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