Emilia Kettle Journalism

Unit 10: Research Evaluation (Celia)

For this project, I had to carry out research that had an influence on my work, this could mean looking at professional pieces to help me be inspired or research that helped me learn how I could do something within my project. This did mean that nearly all of my research was secondary because it was all used to help me know how to do the project. Continue reading “Unit 10: Research Evaluation (Celia)”


Unit 9: Group discussion (Greg)

Did anyone identify specific characteristics that will impact on their writing etc?

During the discussing, we all talked about the mediums we chose and the characteristics that relate to the formats. Such as we are all doing articles and so we talked about the characteristics related to the format, these included: 25 opening words (Hook), word choice and the 5 w’s. One person said that the use of the inverted pyramid meant they were able to priorities what’s more important, and so they could organise their work and therefore improve on it. Continue reading “Unit 9: Group discussion (Greg)”

Unit 10: Illustrator (Celia)


f.pngWe learnt how to create gradients on Illustrator, we did so by selecting the swatches and drawing a rectangle on the page. Once doing this we selected the gradient tool from the tool bar, this meant we could control the colours and the amount of gradient, plus we could also add extra colour to the gradient. We could do so by dragging them from the swatches and placing them in the gradient section.

Continue reading “Unit 10: Illustrator (Celia)”

Unit 10: Illustrator (Celia)

This week we learnt more about illustrator and I then made a character to go along with my videos. We learnt how to use the pen tool, this then helps us create draw and type of illustration in a more freehand style.

Continue reading “Unit 10: Illustrator (Celia)”

Unit 10: Story Board (Celia)

This week I did a practice run on stop motion and also developed my overall idea for this product.

After researching some designers that gave me inspiration for how I could do my project,  tried to use some of the skills learnt and made my own short stop motion video.


I did so by using the app ‘stop-motion studio’ this allowed me to make a very quick stop motion video, it was also very simple to use. Once I had made the film I uploaded it to the sight Vimeo which allowed meant that I could use it as the platform to post my final product. This practice run allowed me to get an idea of how I can create my final product and also a place for me to post it. Continue reading “Unit 10: Story Board (Celia)”

Week Six: Unit 9, Radio Feature (Greg)

This week we looked at radio features, this meaning the characteristics behind making a feature or drama. We then had to write a drama and a feature of own for radio. We also looked at what makes the two different.  Continue reading “Week Six: Unit 9, Radio Feature (Greg)”

Unit 10: Adobe Illustrator (Celia)

Today we learnt how to use Adobe Illustrator.

reg.png Continue reading “Unit 10: Adobe Illustrator (Celia)”

Week Five: Unit 9, Documentary’s (Greg)

In week five we looked into documentary’s, more specifically how to write a script and what some of the aspects of making a good documentary includes. Continue reading “Week Five: Unit 9, Documentary’s (Greg)”

Unit 10: Feedback (Celia)

Today we each had to tell the class what we plan to do for our unit 10 project, I explained that I wanted to create a stop motion using paper. The topic has not really been decided yet but I may use the topic on how to bake a cake. When I said this many didn’t understand why I would use paper, which then lead me to show them a video of stop motion using paper. Some got the idea after this, which lead them to give me some feedback.

The more useful ones were what different topics I could do, such as how to tie a shoe laces. Most was to not do it in paper, however I think doing it in paper will mean it can be more colourful and so will keep children watching it. Another bit of feedback was for a real cake to pop up at the end, giving it sense of fun.

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