Emilia Kettle Journalism


Unit 1 2.2

Media Industries Task (Alma)


The film industry focuses on creating motion picture to present in a cinema and in homes. There are many carriers that focus in the film industry, some from the screen writers or cinematography’s to the actors and the directors. The film industry is one of the biggest industry in the world due to how popular it is. A film company responsible for making movies like the Harry Potter is Warner Bros that is making some of the biggest and most loved movies of all time at the moment.  Continue reading “Media Industries Task (Alma)”


Media industries mind map (Alma)


Social Media: 
You can use social media on technology devices such as a phone, laptop and a tablet. However not all social media works on different types of technology. Snapchat is primarily used on phones because you can only capture the moment  and it last for 24 hours. Also Instagram only allows you to look at the people you follow and not actually post.

Nearly every social media app allows us to discover new information and many tells us the news. Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook allows us to see the later news from any where in the world and hear other people’s opinions at the fastest paste than most.

Continue reading “Media industries mind map (Alma)”

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