Emilia Kettle Journalism


unit 2 1.1

Week Six: Crafting: show and don’t tell, word choice, metaphor and syntax.

Show and don’t tell:

This week we used the technique Show and don’t tell, which is when you chose certain words in a certain order to make sure that you are showing the reader an image rather than just telling them about it. We were giving a piece that needed to be improved as it was only telling rather than showing.  Continue reading “Week Six: Crafting: show and don’t tell, word choice, metaphor and syntax.”


Week Five: Themes and Genre conventions (Greg)

Tone & style of genre:

Theme: The main subject around a conversation or a topic often spoken about.

Genre: A category a piece of work can be placed in.

Tone is the attitude that is shown across the entire piece of writing and tends to be shown through word choice. Style is the way something is writing, such as the syntax could be a certain way which also affects the tone. Genre is the category a piece fits into , for example a book based in space with aliens would fit in the science fiction genre because it is based around space.

Continue reading “Week Five: Themes and Genre conventions (Greg)”

Qualitative and Quantitative (Leasa)


Qualitative research is when you use an open question based on one topic and ask a variety of people their opinions on the topic. The research found can be shown in a Vox Pop and can be found by creating a survey and finding peoples opinions. Continue reading “Qualitative and Quantitative (Leasa)”

RESEARCH: Official and Unofficial 1.1 (Leasa)

Meret Kumulchew won an discrimination case against Starbucks when she was wrongly accused of falsifying documents. She worked in the Starbucks in Clampon Junction, London and had to take the temperatures of the water and fridges but did this wrong due to her dyslexia. The court case took place mid-December.  

Continue reading “RESEARCH: Official and Unofficial 1.1 (Leasa)”

Week One – Why I Write (Greg)

Descriptive writing:

Descriptive writing is the art of exploring the idea and look of a person, area, event and subject. I put this skill to use by accomplishing the task’s giving to us: ‘why I write’.

This piece was inspired by the great George Orwell original piece with the same name. He’s essay explored many different themes and way as to what makes him want to write, most through his own personal life experiences. My own life experiences are some of the reasons to why i write showing my piece shares with Orwell’s. However unlike my own, Orwell wrote a poem based on what he wrote from the reasons for why he writes. I did not do a poem because the reason I wrote for what inspires me to write did not in fact make me want to create a poem based of my reasons. Continue reading “Week One – Why I Write (Greg)”

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