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unit 2 3.1

Week Eight: Reviews (Greg)

190741_4104701This week we explored reviews and techniques that can be used to write a review. One activity we did to understand how to review in a more professional standards was to look at photos or pieces of art and then write questions about the piece to then debate over the possible answer. One painting we did was ‘American Gothic’, some of the questioned debated included: 

  • Why is he holding a pitch fork?
  • Why is looking at him?
  • Why do they both look miserable? 

The debate that followed, allowed us to understand how you should question a piece so you can see the smaller details rather than just the big picture. Doing this enabled as to write more detailed reviews. 

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Week Six: Crafting: show and don’t tell, word choice, metaphor and syntax.

Show and don’t tell:

This week we used the technique Show and don’t tell, which is when you chose certain words in a certain order to make sure that you are showing the reader an image rather than just telling them about it. We were giving a piece that needed to be improved as it was only telling rather than showing.  Continue reading “Week Six: Crafting: show and don’t tell, word choice, metaphor and syntax.”

Week Five: Themes and Genre conventions (Greg)

Tone & style of genre:

Theme: The main subject around a conversation or a topic often spoken about.

Genre: A category a piece of work can be placed in.

Tone is the attitude that is shown across the entire piece of writing and tends to be shown through word choice. Style is the way something is writing, such as the syntax could be a certain way which also affects the tone. Genre is the category a piece fits into , for example a book based in space with aliens would fit in the science fiction genre because it is based around space.

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Target Audience (Leasa)

Target audience is who you aim a certain product to, such as a phone company may want their product for a younger generation and so in their adverts they would use music they would know and make their adverts catch their eyes by using things the younger generation might know. Continue reading “Target Audience (Leasa)”

Questionnaire Findings (Leasa)


This question got a 100% for the answer no, meaning that everyone agrees with each other and there is no argument around the answer to the question. I asked this question as an opener for the entire questionnaire so the taker has an idea of what direction the questionnaire is taking. Also its a closed question so the answer tends to already  have an answer so the taker finds it easier for a start as its much quicker.

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Week four: Story (Greg)


Character is a person created for a fictional piece but can also be a selection of traits that make them a person a certain way. Such as a character could be stubborn and so could be related to a strong minded character. Continue reading “Week four: Story (Greg)”

Week 3: Copywriting (Greg)

Word Choice

In our third week we learnt the use of word choice in a more in-depth way. Word choice is when you select your words careful so the text is related to the audience and topic and also is so the words are specific to the tone on the context’s written. I put this to use by re-writing cliché sayings.  Continue reading “Week 3: Copywriting (Greg)”

Transcribe- Vox Pops (Leasa)


  • What is your opinion on how people with learning disabilities are treated in the workplace?
  • What Do you feel could be  changed to help people with learning disabilities  be made in  the workplace and what ?

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Week 2: Journalism (Greg)

Top 25 words:

The first skill to learn this week was to give a sum up of an article in 25 words. This is because the first 25 words should captivate the reader to want to read the entire article.  We put this to use by using a headline of our choice, I chose “painting found by tree” which I then wrote a 25 word sum of the article:

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