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unit 3 2.2

Unit 1 Portfolio (Greg)


Power Point


Report: Time magazine (Alma)

Time is a world-famous magazine that was first published on March 3rd 19o-baltimore-57023. It focuses on all things topical and modern, from entertainment to world
politics, Time has it all. The two young journalist Henry R. Luce and Briton Hadden founded it when they believed there was not a magazine about the latest current affairs and more. Time wants to educate, entertain and of course sell. However it does a lot more than just inform, it allows the reader to understand fully and yet still take in the information.  Continue reading “Report: Time magazine (Alma)”

Week 3: Copywriting (Greg)

Word Choice

In our third week we learnt the use of word choice in a more in-depth way. Word choice is when you select your words careful so the text is related to the audience and topic and also is so the words are specific to the tone on the context’s written. I put this to use by re-writing cliché sayings.  Continue reading “Week 3: Copywriting (Greg)”

Organization structure and job roles withing Print based media industry (Alma)

National and international publishing houses:

A publishing house prints books, magazines, newspaper, leaflets and any written piece or art. National publishing house would be a company that is from Britain and tend to print only British books, such as Harper Collins UK which is based in Britain. A international publishing house is Penguin Random House which is a wide world based company and is also one of the biggest book publishing company’s in the world. Penguin makes more money because it is international so it can then have wider range to sell to, unlike a national house which would have less of an income because its focused in one nation rather than the entire world. One job includes editorial assistant, this is when you are a assistant to the editor, so you double check that everything is perfect.

Continue reading “Organization structure and job roles withing Print based media industry (Alma)”

Road to my personal career path (Alma)

Filmmaker, business man and youtuber Casey Neistat is the media personality who inspired me to chose the media for a future career.

casey_portrait_818-818x545 Continue reading “Road to my personal career path (Alma)”

Week 2: Journalism (Greg)

Top 25 words:

The first skill to learn this week was to give a sum up of an article in 25 words. This is because the first 25 words should captivate the reader to want to read the entire article.  We put this to use by using a headline of our choice, I chose “painting found by tree” which I then wrote a 25 word sum of the article:

Continue reading “Week 2: Journalism (Greg)”

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