Emilia Kettle Journalism


Unit 5

Project 2: The Walk, Evaluation (Greg, Leasa, Alma)

Real book

Flip version of book


The first step to this project was to research the area we had chosen so we could get an idea of what stories to write based on the landmarks in that area. I chose Canterbury as the area to write my stories based on the landmarks it has to offer including the Cathedral, the Marlowe Theater along with four others.  Continue reading “Project 2: The Walk, Evaluation (Greg, Leasa, Alma)”


Project 2: The Walk, Week 10

This week I completed my book on In-Design, I am now focusing on the audio aspects of the project as I have now recorded all of my narration and have all the dialogue. By the end of the next week I hope to have finished all aspects of this project including the evaluation.    Continue reading “Project 2: The Walk, Week 10”

Project 2: The Walk , Week 9 (Greg)

This week I focused on my audio and In-design. Plus we spent one day at the University of Kent learning about radio in the media.


This week I continued doing my in-design making sure that I had inserted all of my stories on to their pages along with the photos I edited on Photoshop that go with them.

i1 Continue reading “Project 2: The Walk , Week 9 (Greg)”

Photoshop Week 5 (Celia)

p1p2 Continue reading “Photoshop Week 5 (Celia)”

Project 2: The Walk, Week 8 (Greg)

This week I focused on the use of Photoshop and In-design so I could edit my photos that I will use in my book so that they are more specific to the genre and stories. I used In-design so I could begin to design my final book. Continue reading “Project 2: The Walk, Week 8 (Greg)”

Photoshop Skills(Celia)



With this we first made a frame using the rectangle tool and then we drew using the pen tool in the rectangle so that it’s obvious that there’s change. We then proceed to use the history tool so we can see what we’ve done and the side of the screen and if we were to click on one of the steps it would take us back to that step. Continue reading “Photoshop Skills(Celia)”

Colour Theory Week 3/4 (Celia)

Week 3

Week 4:


This is a monochromatic colour scheme, I’ve used colours which goes with the theme and genre of my book. At the bottom you can change the shade of all the colours to what you want it to be meaning that you can have the colours you want. Continue reading “Colour Theory Week 3/4 (Celia)”

Proofreading. (Leasa)

  1. What are the skills I’ve learnt this week?

This week we learnt how to proofread and how to use the ‘track and change’ system on Word.

2. What is the purpose of this skill set?

We learnt these new skills so that if we did to edit and proofread we are fully aware of how to do so. Plus by doing it on the Word system it means other’s can make changes to our work and we can be told so before we allow the change. By doing all of this it means our work can be at its highest standard. Continue reading “Proofreading. (Leasa)”

Project 2: The Walk, Week 7

This week we began to edit the first drafts of our stories, after completing them all over the break. Plus I edited photos so that they would be ready to use in the design of our books. Also we had another lesson on In-design so we can begin making our books.  Continue reading “Project 2: The Walk, Week 7”

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