Emilia Kettle Journalism


Unit 7

Project 2: The Walk, Week 5 (Greg)

This week I wrote 2 more stories and have done a draft for the final story. I’m going to complete writing the final story by the end of the week. Plus I did more audio recordings for my stories including all the voice parts and I will start editing them next week to have a complete story. Also we had a lecture on sentences structure and what that can do to our stories.  Continue reading “Project 2: The Walk, Week 5 (Greg)”


In-design Week 2

In design

Indesign Tutorial


During this week we learnt about In-design so we can use it to make the design for our books we’re going to create for are final result. I understood the lesson and how to use the software. With more practise I will get the hang of it to hopeful use it in future projects.

Project 2: The Walk, Week 4 (Greg)

This week I completed 3 story’s, one draft and the others being the final product. Also I planned my next 3 stories, along with created a mood board to show what I want my book to look like. Plus we learnt how to use In-design.  Continue reading “Project 2: The Walk, Week 4 (Greg)”

Moodboard (Leasa)


Map moodboard

Continue reading “Moodboard (Leasa)”

Evaluating the Interview (Leasa)

Were you satisfied with the answers you got?

The answers I received were quit vague meaning that I was unable to get a lot of information out of the person I was interviewing. Every answer was very short ans straight forward meaning that I couldn’t get really in-depth on all the answers giving and I wasn’t able to get an emotive response because of the vagueness of the answers. Continue reading “Evaluating the Interview (Leasa)”

Project 2: The Walk, Week 3 (Greg)

During this week I finished my first story along with writing the second first draft. Plus we also had a presentation about interviewing and the correct ways to do so.

Continue reading “Project 2: The Walk, Week 3 (Greg)”

Project 2: The Walk, Week Two

During week two of the second project we learnt about audio and how it changes with different genres, also what type of affect it can have on the listener. Plus we also answered questions based on were we are going to take our project and the reasons for our decisions. Continue reading “Project 2: The Walk, Week Two”

Proposal- Interactive Map (Leasa)

What is your chosen area and why?

I have chosen Canterbury as my area for the walk. This is because it has a lot of historical background from different ages meaning I can do the stories for the walk on a bigger scale. It will start at the Castle, to Dane John, the Cathedral, Marlowe Theater, The Great Stour,  and the Westgate Towers. Continue reading “Proposal- Interactive Map (Leasa)”

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