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Unit 8

FMP: Week Seven (Greg)

This week I completed my project, I was able to finish the design of my magazine and make it into an online interactive version, plus I finished my article.


After completing my 2nd draft of my main article I received feedback to help me gather a different idea of what other people thought of my article. This meaning I revived feedback on  what they thought I needed to improve or what they thought I should add to the article. Continue reading “FMP: Week Seven (Greg)”


FMP: Week Six (Greg)

This week I completed my first draft of my article which I then revived feedback on. Plus I’ve also began creating my magazine on the software InDesign.

I completed my first draft of the article this week: Article  (However this is not the first draft as I had already made a number of changes to it before creating this blog post and you may have to click edit to see it.) Continue reading “FMP: Week Six (Greg)”

FMP: Week Five (Greg)

This week I began to create my magazine on InDesign, along with taking the needed photos and completing interviews for my article.

Continue reading “FMP: Week Five (Greg)”

FMP: Week Four (Greg)

During the fourth week of our fmp I began pre-production which included completing all of my research, beginning a basic design of my final product. Plus I created a plan for my article.

For my pre-production I decided to create a presentation as it would allow me to show what I’ve done, how I did it and the evaluation for each piece. I focused on 7 main topics when it came to my pre-production, those are: Magazine title, front cover, layout, visual, article plan and research. Before I discussed each piece in the presentation I researched each topic so I could then have a better idea of what I could do with each piece to make sure that it will really grab the attention of my target audience.


Overall I was able to complete my pre-production and evaluate each piece by creating the presentation. However since doing the presentation I’ve built on the ideas I made as I feel that the changes made help the parts relate more to my project, such as I’ve changed my idea for the front cover, with the ballot paper now being on fire it creates a more proactive tone to the magazine.


FMP: Design Ideas

My biggest influences in terms of design is the magazine ‘Dazed & Confused’. With the way that its able to capture the edgy style that many young adults feel or want, but also still have the serious and unique tone to the design really influenced and gave me ideas of what I could do.  Continue reading “FMP: Design Ideas”

FMP: Week 3 (Greg)

This week I created my schedule, research plan and began pre-production for my FMP.

Schedule for FMP

You can see that in my schedule I explained what I plan to do each day, the blog post for the week and whether I’ve completed the work that I had planned to do. I plan to stick to this schedule as it will help my keep to my time management and so will allow me to get all of my work done in time of the deadline. Continue reading “FMP: Week 3 (Greg)”

FMP: Week Two (Greg)

During the week I have planned and completed my proposal and pitch, which I also presented this week.

My proposal explained what my concept is, target audience, my aims and how I will complete my aims and how I will evaluate my work during the project. I found writing the proposal helped me gather some more ideas about what I could do for my main article and how I could design my overall look, along with parts that weren’t necessary or didn’t relate to my project, that I decided I could cut.When it came to editing my proposal I asked my focus group for their opinions which helped me improved and add some parts to my proposal. Continue reading “FMP: Week Two (Greg)”

FMP: Week One, Introduction to the FMP

This week we were introduced to the Final Major Project. We were given a brief as to what the criteria was and the main factors that we need to complete. Plus we looked at past students work to gather some ideas as to what we could to do. Along with creating a presentation based on answers to certain questions.

Continue reading “FMP: Week One, Introduction to the FMP”

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